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The New Music Industry has drastically changed not only the standard Business Model for record labels, it also changed the consumption habits of it's customers.  The Geniuses at TROUP understand better than anyone else the way your customers consume your product, and we can provide your business with the insight and strategy to maximize the return from your artists.

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Record deals aren't the only way for recording artists to make money from their music.  Let TROUP apply our Genius to your career as an artist, to provide you with the perfect strategy for building and leveraging your fanbase, maximizing your revenue streams, and navigating the ever changing landscape of the New Music Industry.

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The New Music Industry has opened up more ways than ever for Writers and Producers to generate revenue from their talents, from TV to Movies, Video Games to Mobile Applications.  TROUP will apply our Genius provide you with innovative strategies to increase the exposure for your services, as well as maximize the return on your talents

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The Genius at TROUP extends beyond the realm of entertainment.  Whether your business is Photography, Catering, or any other business, TROUP can provide you with creative strategies for engaging your current customers, while attracting new customers.  We can apply our Genius to streamlining your budget while maximizing your results

Innovative Solutions for the New Music Industry

TROUP applies their Genius in Customer Behavior, Music and Technology, to create a unique business strategy for maximizing your revenue, that is creative, cutting edge, and most of all, effective.  

TROUP meticulously cultivates a unique Brand Identity for each of our clients, and ensures that every aspect of your Brand Image is in line with your goals, and stands out in the music marketplace.

TROUP applies their Genius level music expertise, to make sure your project is innovative, unique, and most importantly ahead of the curve.  We ensure that your project will SET the trends in music for everyone else to follow.

The wrong image will stifle the career of even the most talented musician.  TROUP crafts the right image for the artist, marries the image to the music, and ensures that both are unique in the music marketplace.